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Spring Season Begins!

Welcome to Ken-Caryl Little League!


Ken-Caryl Little League is all about baseball. That's all we do. It's all we think about. We love the game and want every child to have this quintessential American experience.

Ken-Caryl Little League is part of Little League International - the same organization that brings you the Little League World Series.  Little League is the world's largest volunteer youth sports program with over 4 million volunteers worldwide. The program has been in existence for over 70 years and brings a wealth of experience and resources to our local chapter. See for more information.



The Spring Season is our main baseball program.

We will begin the 2016 Spring Season with indoor practices/clinics starting in February. These indoor practices will be available once or twice per week, they will be organized by different age groups, and will be focused on developing the basic skills such as fielding, hitting, throwing, pitching, and catching. The February program will precede our team formation and is an optional "extra" for everyone registered for our Spring Season.

Teams will be formed the first week of March through a "player draft." The purpose of the draft is to create balanced teams that will play fun competitive games throughout the Spring season. We work hard to create parity between the teams and consider this to be one of the fundamental differences between our program and others in the area. We want to play a game - and enjoy the game - and make sure everyone gets an opportunity to play their best.



You can get additional details about the various division levels on our registration page. However, KCLL baseball programs are open to boys or girls aged 4 to 13.

Rookie League (Tee Ball) - this program is once per week (Saturday mornings) and offers our youngest ball players an opportunity to learn the basics of the game.

Farm League (Coach Pitch) - this program is for players aged 5-8 that are new to baseball. The program does not keep score or track wins/losses. We focus on the basic skills of throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball.

AA Division - this is the entry level "kid pitch" program. Players entering AA should be able to defend themselves from a thrown ball. It is a full baseball game - outs are recorded, score is kept, and we crown "champions" at the end of the season. Entry to this division is based on the skill of the player. However, players are typically aged between 6-9 years old.

AAA Division - this is the transitional level program that precedes the "elite" level of our Majors. Pitching distance is the same as our Majors Division and most of the same rules apply. It is designed for players that are ready to play at a strong, competitive level, but are not yet prepared for the speed of the Majors game level. Entry to this division is based on the skill of the player. However, players are typically aged between 9-11 years old.

Majors Division - this is the elite level program that plays by the full Little League rules. It is designed for the players that are ready to play a full competitive game. Entry to this division is based on the skill of the player. However, players are typically aged between 10-12 years old.

Intermediate Division - the Intermediate Division offers older players (aged 11-13) the opportunity to play in an advanced baseball program. Pitching distance is longer than in the Majors Division (50' instead of 46'). Base paths are longer (70' instead of 60'). And the competitive level is considerably higher. Games include both intra league play (conditional on KCLL rostering at least 2 teams) as well as many inter league games (e.g., other Denver area Little League programs). At this level, runners can lead off, balks are called on pitchers, and the speed of the game is much higher. ANY PLAYER AGED 11-13 CAN REGISTER in the Intermediate Division. But please realize that many players will be 13 years old and the competitive play will be high.

Dual Registration Opportunity: Majors + Intermediate - KCLL is offering all of our 11-12 year old Majors Division players the opportunity to play in BOTH the Majors and Intermediate Division levels. The second registration is only $50. This opportunity is for those Majors players that want to play MORE baseball games and also want the experience of the heightened competitive play of the Intermediate Division games. In general, priority will be given to the Majors practices/games when conflicts occur. If you would like to really expand your baseball experience in 2016, consider the dual registration opportunity.



If you have questions about KCLL or any of the programs we offer, please feel free to contact Tom Newman at (303) 619-9810 or submit your question through the contact page on the website.


KEN-CARYL LITTLE LEAGUE is a community focused baseball program. We actively invest in the baseball fields at area schools. Over the years, KCLL has provided funding and efforts to improve fields at Community Park, Shaffer Elementary, Falcon Bluffs Middle School, Mortensen Elementary, and Columbine Hills Elementary. Your registration and sponsorships not only provide for a baseball experience for KCLL players, but also help to improve baseball fields and programs throughout our community.  KCLL has also donated used baseballs and equipment to both local programs and in the Dominican Republic.


We know you have a choice about which baseball program you choose. We very much appreciate your support of Ken-Caryl Little League.

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Upcoming KCLL Calendar
Check here for an outline of the KCLL year and upcoming schedule.   JANUARY...
The Science of Little League
Being a Little Leaguer is not easy. The science proves it.  So...
Upcoming KCLL Calendar

Check here for an outline of the KCLL year and upcoming schedule.


Jan 16 - Last Winter Baseball Clinic



Feb 3 - Spring Season indoor practices begin

Coaches Clinics and First Aid training


MARCH 2016

Mar 3 - 6-8p - Player Assessment Make-up

Mar 5 - 6-10p - Player Assessment

Mar 7,8,9 - Player Draft / Team Formations

Mar 12 - Meet the Coach Day at Dick's Sporting Goods

Mar 13 - Daylight Savings Time begins

Mar 14 - Spring Season outdoor practices begin

Mar 27 - Easter Sunday


APRIL 2016

Apr 2 - KCLL Spring Season Opening Day

Day at the Rockies


MAY 2016

May 14 - KCLL Picture Day (all teams, all players)

May 30 - Memorial Day (Monday)


JUNE 2016

Jun 18 - KCLL Spring Season Closing Day

Jun 19 - All Star selections announced


JULY 2016

District Tournaments for All Stars

State Tournaments for District winners

Fall Baseball registration opens



Aug 1 - Fall Ball registration opens

Southwest Regional Tournament (Waco, TX) begins

Little League World Series (Williamsport, PA) begins

First Day of Fall Baseball (first week is practices)

Fall Baseball game schedule begins



Nominations for Board of Directors



Election of Board of Directors for 2017

Winter Baseball Clinics registration opens

Spring Baseball "Early Registration" opens

Last day of Fall Baseball



First Winter Baseball Clinic



Board of Directors transition and planning meetings


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The Science of Little League

It ain't as easy as it looks!

Being a Little Leaguer is not easy. The science proves it.  So the next time you feel like yelling out to your kid because he struck out or walked a batter with bases loaded, remember that it is harder to be a Little Leaguer than a Pro! Check this video out:


by posted 04/19/2012
Picture Day Schedule
2016 Spring Coaches

Teams (Manager)


Intermediate Division

Screwballs (Brian Jordan)

JetHawks (Adam Wilson)

Majors Division

Phoenix (Seth Gregory)

Rattlers (David Occhionero)

Dragons (Aaron Merritt)

Scrappers (Gene Roybal)

AAA Division

Bull (Ben Low)

River Cats (Jeff Mullin)

Muckdogs (Marc Marin)

Raptors (Ryan Deza)

Storm (Jeff Hollingsworth)

Blue Claws (Wayne Faber/Mike Esper)

AA Division Managers

Riverdogs (Cameron Bahr)

Mudcats (Brian Josupait)

Thunder (Erik Boykin/Tom Hadley)

Scrappers (Shannon Steward)

RockHounds (Brent Fischer)

Hot Rods (Mike Crandall/Tom Newman)

Farm Division Manager

Athletics (George Taylor)

Rangers (Dan Henn)

Royals (Jill and Dave Nash)

Tigers (Tim Glass/Wayne Faber)

Rookie Division Managers

Cubs (Joseph Lombardo)

Pirates (Mick Sanders)

Cardinals (Matt Brown)

Diamondbacks (Jill and Dave Nash)